Wax Professional 

Waxing is the removal of unwanted hair growth using a warm wax (hot wax). Waxing or waxing is a popular method to combat (over) hair. Whether it's to remove hair under your armpits, around the bikini line or the hair on your upper lip. This method of hair removal ensures a long-lasting result of up to 4 to 6 weeks (depending on the hair's posture and hormones). Marking Beauty  uses: ItalWax. This wax has a unique formula specially developed to remove hair on any part of the body. Thanks to its special plasticity, it is easily applied with a spatula on large surfaces and forms a thin elastic film that perfectly grabs even the shortest and hardest hairs. This wax is removed without using strips.

Marking Beauty  behandelingen zijn voor zowel mannen als vrouwen.


Smooth Touch 

After Waxing 


During and after a Body Wax Treatment Your body will be cared for by Marking Beauty beautician with the Body Care Products, KAESO Wax Care. Kaeso Wax Care is a new specialist range of pre-care wax and post-care wax products designed to nourish and care for the skin before and after hair removal. In Marking Beauty salon there are also After care products for sale for skin and hair nutrition.

Naturally, Marking Beauty  also sells Aftercare Products in the salon Better Waxing Better Waxing After Wax With Azulene & Vitamins has a blend of fine oils infused with soothing ingredients that help repair irritated skin after waxing. Better Waxing Technology products deliver quality, value and outstanding results and inspire confidence at every stage of the waxing process.

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